Our Region

Figure 1: Map of Southwest Peninsula and acute healthcare providers (NHS Trusts) within the region

The South West Peninsula of the United Kingdom is geographically and demographically unique. It is the oldest region in the UK, with a average age of 48 (compared to 40 in the UK). It contains a variety of communities underrepresented in research and underserved in terms of healthcare provision. Within it are some of poorest populations in the UK, including a number of coastal communities (see figure 2). Much of the region is geographically isolated. It is served by a small number of technologically integrated healthcare providers (see figure 1). This translates into a population with a high disease prevalence, spread across a wide geographical area with a shortage of health and social care professionals to care for them. The need to develop innovative technology based healthcare solutions across the South West Peninsula is immediate and pressing, but provides a context and opportunity for the rapid development of such technologies to improve the health of region, and the UK.
Household deprivation
Population age

Figure 2: Maps of deprivation and age across the South West Peninsula of the United Kingdom. Source: Office for National Statistics